• Addressing Sexual Misconduct
    and Abuse in Schools with
    Compassion, Integrity and Clarity
  • Learning Courage gives school leaders 
    the tools they need to reduce 
    the number of incidents and respond 
    appropriately when they do occur.
  • Connecting schools with ground-breaking 
    programs, best practices and both human 
    and academic resources will prevent incidents 
    and minimize trauma from each occurrence.

Our Mission

Learning Courage is a nonprofit membership organization that works with K12 independent schools to reduce incidents, improve responses and support healing from sexual misconduct and abuse by guiding and advising on best practices, tools and resources.

Founded by survivors, Learning Courage understands both the institutional challenges and the importance of keeping survivors at the center of the process, whether the misconduct occurred recently or in the past.
Listen to Learning Courage’s CEO, Jamie Forbes, from the TEDx stage as he discusses what he has learned about the power of shame from his own experience of childhood sexual abuse. These and other insights inspired him to work with schools to reduce and respond to sexual misconduct in ways that minimizes harm and maximizes healing.
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Learning Courage gives school leaders the tools they need to reduce the number of incidents and respond appropriately when they do occur.
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Help reduce the trauma from sexual misconduct and abuse in schools. We’re building a resource that collects and shares best practices for prevention and response for school leaders so they can reduce incidents and support healing when it does occur. Your donation helps us build this critical tool.

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From Our supporters

  • “Marin Country Day is a Founding Member of Learning Courage because keeping students safe is one of our greatest concerns. We recognize the importance of knowing the most current thinking for reducing and responding to incidents of sexual misconduct in schools. That’s exactly what Learning Courage gives us."

    Katherine Dinh, Head of School, Marin Country Day School

  • “Learning Courage is exactly what school leaders need so they can plan with confidence and respond quickly, knowing they are using the best practices."

    Anne Owen Armfield, Former Board of Trustees, The Hotchkiss School

  • “Learning Courage fills a crucial hole in the response to Sexual Misconduct that has been an enormous obstacle: an accurate, compassionate and LONG term, BIG picture solution to this chronic issue. This organization is one that I feel confident in fully standing behind."

    Charis Denison, Founder, Prajna Consulting

  • "My work with survivors of sexual misconduct asked more of me than anything I'd previously done or imagined. It was also a privilege to be afforded the responsibility to do it as well as possible. I only wish that I had met the team at Learning Courage before taking on the work; their wisdom, compassion, and commitment to supporting school leaders in keeping students safe will serve generations of individuals and school communities to come."

    Mike Hanas, Former Head of School, San Francisco Friends School


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