• Addressing Sexual Misconduct
    and Abuse in Schools with
    Compassion, Integrity and Clarity
  • Learning Courage gives school leaders 
    the tools they need to reduce 
    the number of incidents and respond 
    appropriately when they do occur.
  • Connecting schools with ground-breaking 
    programs, best practices and both human 
    and academic resources will prevent incidents 
    and minimize trauma from each occurrence.

Our Mission

Learning Courage is a nonprofit membership organization that works with K12 independent schools to reduce incidents, improve responses and support healing from sexual misconduct and abuse by guiding and advising on best practices, tools and resources.

Founded by survivors, Learning Courage understands both the institutional challenges and the importance of keeping survivors at the center of the process, whether the misconduct occurred recently or in the past.
Listen to Learning Courage’s CEO, Jamie Forbes, from the TEDx stage as he discusses what he has learned about the power of shame from his own experience of childhood sexual abuse. These and other insights inspired him to work with schools to reduce and respond to sexual misconduct in ways that minimizes harm and maximizes healing.
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Hear from from our member schools how we work with them by first understanding who they are and what they have done to reduce and respond to sexual assault in the past. We think of this as "meeting schools where they are". But don't just take it from us, listen to what they have to say about how we partner with schools and the impact it has on their entire community.
Learn about who we are, what motivates us, and how we work with schools by hearing from us and from some of our member schools. 

We take pride in how we partner with schools, meeting them where they are, both as a school and in their process of prevention and response to sexual misconduct.  


Learning Courage gives school leaders the tools they need to reduce the number of incidents and respond appropriately when they do occur.
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Help reduce the trauma from sexual misconduct and abuse in schools. We’re building a resource that collects and shares best practices for prevention and response for school leaders so they can reduce incidents and support healing when it does occur. Your donation helps us build this critical tool.

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  • “There is nothing more important than the core promise that we make to students and their families that we will keep them safe. And that’s what Learning Courage does.”

    Kristy Kerin, Head of School, Brewster Academy

  • "Learning Courage brings a very sensitive and well-informed perspective on what the survivor community needs and how that can inform school policies to keep students safe.”

    Craig Bradley, Head of School, The Hotchkiss School

  • “Bringing in Learning Courage was the best thing I could have done. They helped us institutionalize our practices around sexual misconduct.”

    Chris Mazzola, Head of School, The Branson School

  • ““You need people to guide you and help you through. And that’s what Learning Courage does. If you’re going to put a focus on this work, the first thing you should do is become a member of Learning Courage.”

    Christy Cooper, Former Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Coordinator, The Hotchkiss School

  • "The way that Learning Courage went about their work was first to get to know our school. That was so important to us. And when I asked student leaders what were some of the highlights of the year so far, many of them mentioned that workshop with Learning Courage.”

    Cameron Helvey, Dean of Students, St. Andrew's Sewanee


Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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