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Here, you can purchase tickets and learn more about a NEW offering this year - we are auctioning off donated art!  Scroll down to find out more about and bid on the art.  Current bids for the art will appear both on this page on our home page during the event.  

Art Auction Information

We are thrilled to offer two pieces of art for auction by renowned artists, Sam Vokey and Hannah Dray Vokey

Sam Vokey - "Along The Coast"

Sam Vokey Artwork - LEARN MORE

24"x20" Oil Painting on canvas, includes frame - Fair Market Value: $5,800

Sam has been painting for more than 28 years.  He is an elected member of The Guild Of Boston Artists and has won the designation of Copley Master from the Copley Society of Boston.  His painting style is most closely associated with the Boston School tradition of painting which crosses Realism with some of the softer edges and painterly qualities of Impressionism.  In 2023 Sam won the Alden Bryan Award for Best Landscape at the Guild Of Boston Artists and the Aldro T. Hibbard Award at the Rockport Art Association.  He also won an Honorable Mention for his landscape Coastal Erosion in the National Juried Exhibition at RAA&M.  In 2022 Sam won the Montanaro Award for Best Seascape in the National Juried Exhibition at the Rockport Art Association & Museum in Rockport, MA.  In 2012, Sam received the Frank Benson Award at The Guild of Boston Artists for the second time.  He has also won the R.H.Ives Gammell Award, and in 2009, he won the prestigious Edmund Tarbell Award, an honor given to first prize in painting at the annual All Members event held each spring.  At the Copley Society of Boston, he has won numerous awards, including the status of Copley Master;  In 2007, Sam was awarded the Copley's John Singleton Copley Award, the highest honor given by the Copley Society.
To view more of Sam’s work, please visit www.samvokey.com

About the painting:
When Jamie asked me to consider making a painting for Learning Courage using Empowerment as a theme, the genre of rugged New England coast beckoned me.

I love to paint light falling across form and in this painting titled “Along the Coast” the evening light is just seeping through the trees and dappling onto the rocks. The arrangement of the big light and dark shapes of the shoreline lead the eye of the viewer directly into the painting where they find two good friends with their feet in the water enjoying the quiet of the evening while a sailor in the distance heads home to harbor.

Most of us find an inner strength when we get out into Nature and connect with the rhythms of sun and tide. The awareness of the living trees with their amazing way of helping each other stay strong through an incredible and intricate underground network of communication, and the vast geologic age of rock next to the wonder of the sea, offer up a sense of something mysterious and wonderful that is always there for us when we need a reset from the challenges we often face as humans. The two friends are enjoying the nostalgic and ever so valuable activity of putting away cell phones to just be in this empowering location talking with each other and sharing their stories and perspectives to help each other feel supported and heard. I hope that when they leave this place they will be refreshed and strong having connected with this quiet corner of the universe.

Hannah Dray Vokey - Custom Charcoal Drawing

Sample Images

Hannah Dray Vokey - LEARN MORE

Cropped sample portraits. Portrait will include frame - Fair Market Value: $800

Hannah graduated from Hartwick College with a BA in fine arts.  After graduation she worked at the Hill Holliday advertising agency in Boston, MA while perusing her interests in portrait drawing on the side with noted Boston School painter and portrait artists, Robert Cormier.  Cormier invited Hannah to be a student at the R.H.Ives Gammell Atelier on Newbury Street, a full scholarship program teaching classical drawing in combination with impressionistic color and seeing.  After a few years at the Gammell atelier she furthered her studies with another noted Boston School painter, Paul Ingbretson at the Ingbertson Studios located in Framingham, Ma (now in Lowell, MA).  It was at the Inbretson Atelier that she began painting still lifes and plein air landscapes in addition to her portrait work.
Hannah’s paintings are represented at Powers Gallery in Acton, MA and Charles Fine Arts in Gloucester, MA.
To view more of Hannah’s work, visit www.HannahVokey.com
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