In addition to our traditional member services, Learning Courage provides consulting services to both existing members and non-members because our goal is to support all schools that need help. We consult on a variety of issues, which are outlined in more detail below.  For issues that are outside of our areas of expertise, we can facilitate identifying other consultants for our members.  

Below is a sample of some of the consulting services Learning Courage provides:

  1. Training (click to view our training page)
  2. Developing Training Plans
  3. Managing Training Plans
  4. Sexual Misconduct Risk Assessments and Action Plans
  5. Incident Response Planning 
  6. Incident Response Support
  7. Trauma and Resiliency-informed Leadership

Developing Training Plans

Learning Courage creates customized training plans for schools.  We create dynamic, multi-modal training that includes traditional lectures, roundtable discussions, and ongoing exercises. This approach ensures that the training and learning extend beyond the initial knowledge transfer and helps break down some of the stigma and other challenges that come with training on topics related to power, sexuality and sexual behavior.

Managing Training Plans

Our goal is to match your training needs with the best training resources.  Doing this well requires a deep knowledge of organizations and individuals according to topic and geography and how the various training topics fit together. We manage the process of both identifying the topics and the trainers.  This ensures that you get the training you need, using trainers that have been proven.   

Sexual Misconduct Risk Assessments

A benefit that is part of our onboarding process for all new members, this assessment is also useful for schools that are not yet members.  We review your school’s history and current status with incidents of sexual misconduct, understand current school culture, review policies and procedures, handbooks and investigation practices. The end result of this work is an Action Plan that identifies a list of recommended actions that will create a more trauma and resiliency-informed approach to reducing and responding to sexual abuse and misconduct at your school. 

Incident Response Planning

Schools that plan for incidents are best prepared to respond in ways that create the best outcomes for all involved.  We use our knowledge of the most current and effective practices to help you modify existing practices or create new ones that focus on a trauma and resiliency-based approach.  We then work with your internal team to establish and review protocols, which enable your school to respond.  

Incident Response Support

When your school has an incident, you must respond with both care and speed.  Some incidents are easier to respond to than others.  For those with unique or particularly challenging circumstances, the Learning Courage team is available to help you, whether you need us to be part of your school’s response team or you are looking for an outside perspective you can trust.     

Trauma and Resiliency-Informed Leadership

Responding to incidents in ways that support both individuals and the institution requires leadership alignment and a process that includes trauma and resiliency-informed practices. This alignment includes the administrative leadership and the Board at each school. We help create this alignment to ensure that the process supports all parties.

Consulting Fees  

We consult with all schools.  However, our existing relationship and knowledge of member schools enables us to be more efficient with members.  We also offer discounted consulting rates of 20% to members to incentivize schools to develop long-term relationships with Learning Courage.  

Consulting Rates – Members (beginning January 1, 2022):


$2,400/day for one consultant, $4,400/day for 2 consultants

Consulting Rates – Non-Members (beginning January 1, 2022):


$3,000/day for one consultant, $5,500/day for 2 consultants


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