At Learning Courage, we believe effective training is multi-modal, trauma and resiliency-informed, and identity-conscious. We combine a variety of methods to address differences in learning styles and to reinforce core training take-aways.  Some of these techniques include case studies, small group exercises, presentations, skits, discussions, videos and written responses. We believe training should be comprehensive, which means it is offered throughout the year, over a series of years and for a broad range of constituencies (i.e, board, employees, administration, students, parents and possibly alumni). All of our trainings are adapted for specific audiences and their unique needs.

Learning Courage works with schools to develop training plans for identified constituencies outlining a multi-year cycle of training. This training is offered for an additional fee and is not included in the annual membership fee. Members receive training at discounted rates.

Below is a sample of our training offering. Click on any of them to view more details about the training. If there are additional topics you are interested in having delivered at your school, contact us.

Training Topics


During this workshop, participants will learn about trauma, its neurobiological and emotional impact, and how to build resilience.
Audience - Employees, Students, Parents, Board.
Level - This workshop is introductory and foundational in nature. We can design other levels of trauma and resilience training once we know schools have had 101.

Bystander Intervention

During this interactive workshop, students will learn about power dynamics and identifying unhealthy attitudes in schools that promote dangerous behavior.  Students also learn intervention strategies and practice interrupting unhealthy patterns in order to promote safety while building a coalition of support to meaningfully change culture.
Audience - Student Leaders and Students
Level - This workshop is introductory and builds over time with tools and practice. 

boundaries and mandatory reporting

In this interactive workshop using lecture, discussion and case studies, participants will examine power, appropriate boundaries, mandatory reporting, and bystander effect. 
Audience - Employees. It can also be adapted for students and/or parents.
Level - Because many schools need to cover this topic annually, we have multiple versions of this training that rotate on a four year cycle so employees continue to learn and topics stay fresh.

Signs and Symptoms of sexual misconduct and abuse and How to get help

In this workshop, participants learn about the signs and symptoms of sexual misconduct and abuse, what to do if you notice them and how to help.
Audience - Students, Student Leadership, Employees, Parents
Level - We adapt this workshop to the specific audience to be sure it is age-appropriate and relevant.

consent and communication

This workshop examines the complex topic of consent and effective communication
Audience - Senior Administration, Employees, Students, Parents, 
Level - We adapt this workshop to the specific audience to be sure it is age-appropriate and relevant.

Intersectionality of sexual misconduct, power and identity

During this interactive workshop, participants examine the complex intersectionality of power, identity and sexual misconduct. After initially defining essential terms, we explore the impact and interplay between power, identity and sexual misconduct.
Audience - 
Senior Administration, Students, Employees
Level - We adapt this workshop content and level to the specific audience to be sure it is age-appropriate and relevant. 

Leadership Alignment

Board/Senior Administration alignment is critical to effective responses to sexual misconduct. In this workshop, board members and senior administration or Head of School will go through a series of exercises and questions to explore values and priorities as they relate to sexual misconduct and abuse.
Audience - Senior Administration, Board
Level - We design specific exercises and questions for the board/senior administration based on prior conversations with the leadership of the school.

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