Learning Courage membership gives your school timely, relevant and vital information about how to build healthy relationships, reduce sexual misconduct and respond appropriately to incidents when they do occur.


We aspire to eradicate sexual abuse in schools so children of all ages can thrive in their learning
environment. Learning Courage inspires cultural change in sexual abuse reduction and response
through its core values of ongoing learning, effective collaboration, genuine caring, and unwavering integrity.

Become a Member: Join a powerful and growing community of schools, and invest in changing culture to stop the widespread problem of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Our Approach: 

Learning Courage is survivor-led and our approach is trauma-informed, resiliency-based and survivor-centered.
These core values inform our work approach:

   Cultural change

Our extensive experience and work with schools make us uniquely qualified to anticipate and respond to the needs of students, school leaders, and their schools. We guide you and allow you to work with compassion and integrity during times of crisis by providing proven resources. Working directly with a Member Representative, who knows you and your school, allows you to respond in real-time to situations and make a long-lasting change by collaboratively dismantling the systemic obstacles that exist in all of our institutions.


Learning Courage provides both online and in-person benefits to members.

Direct Support

  • 8 hours of consulting annually 

  • 50% discount on Assessment and Action Plan (1st year members only)

  • Prioritized response for emergency incidents or consultation

  • 20% Discount on consulting and training

  • Assigned Member Representative

  • Professional network access 

  • Independent school leader information sharing

Online Resources

  • Podcasts

  • Blogs

  • Guidance on Policies and Procedures

  • Definitions of Terms

  • Constituent Resources

  • Communication Plans

  • Response Plans

Membership Cost

Annual membership fees are $7,500

Become a Member

Connect with our Director of Membership and learn more about becoming a Member.

From Our supporters

  • “Marin Country Day is a Founding Member of Learning Courage because keeping students safe is one of our greatest concerns. We recognize the importance of knowing the most current thinking for reducing and responding to incidents of sexual misconduct in schools. That’s exactly what Learning Courage gives us."

    Katherine Dinh, Head of School, Marin Country Day School

  • “Learning Courage is exactly what school leaders need so they can plan with confidence and respond quickly, knowing they are using the best practices."

    Anne Owen Armfield, Former Board of Trustees, The Hotchkiss School

  • “Learning Courage fills a crucial hole in the response to Sexual Misconduct that has been an enormous obstacle: an accurate, compassionate and LONG term, BIG picture solution to this chronic issue. This organization is one that I feel confident in fully standing behind."

    Charis Denison, Founder, Prajna Consulting

  • "My work with survivors of sexual misconduct asked more of me than anything I'd previously done or imagined. It was also a privilege to be afforded the responsibility to do it as well as possible. I only wish that I had met the team at Learning Courage before taking on the work; their wisdom, compassion, and commitment to supporting school leaders in keeping students safe will serve generations of individuals and school communities to come."

    Mike Hanas, Former Head of School, San Francisco Friends School


Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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