Boston Magazine Features Learning Courage

Photo credit: Matt Kalinowski This month's issue of Boston Magazine features an article written by our founder, Jamie Forbes. In it, he writes about his personal experience being abused by a male teacher at Milton Academy when he was a freshman there in the early 1980s. Getting this kind of mainstream media attention on a […]

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Net Assets Magazine

Courage To Act: Building Community After Sexual Abuse The National Business Officers' Association (NBOA) recently published an article written by our Founder, Jamie Forbes. The piece identifies critical supportive services that schools should consider providing when incidents are reported. To read the article in full, click here. Or to download a PDF of the article, click […]

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Double Your Gift!

Help us double your gift! An anonymous donor has generously offered Learning Courage $50,000 in matching challenge funds over the next 2 years. Matching funds are available for gifts from people who have not yet supported our work.

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If You Ignore Porn, You Aren't Teaching Sex Ed

Respected educator and author, Peggy Orenstein, wrote an important opinion piece in today's NY Times. In it, she argues that the availability of porn online exposes all children to it- like it or not. And ignoring that leaves out an important tool in helping kids understand how to become good sexual citizens. We do no favor to students (and our broader community) when we ignore the presence and role of porn in the education of our children's education about sex.

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A Crisis Is Coming - Is Your Board on Board?

Our friend and well respected legal voice in the work reducing and responding to sexual misconduct, David Wolowitz, wrote an important and useful article in the July/August issue of Net Assets magazine in 2018. The article gets to the heart of where incidents can become more problematic for schools than they need to be. Advance […]

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Shafia Zaloom on Tools for Teens

Shafia Zaloom is a friend and well-known educator on teen sexuality. She recently published an article in the NY Times in which she gives teens some tools to call out sexual and prevent sexual assault. Her practical, no-nonsense approach resonates for kids, who are overwhelmingly looing for information and for people to take them seriously and treat them with respect.

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Sexual Violence Against Boys - The Key to Reducing Violence Against Women

A recent article in the Washington Post highlights the prevalence of sexual violence against boys, along with the impact on society, including increased incidents of physical and sexual violence, substance abuse, mental health and more. It's written by staff reporter, Emma Brown, who speaks from her own experience as a mother trying to raise her son.

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Video of Origin Story

Jamie Forbes speaks about what motivated him to start Learning Courage and what he aims to do for schools and for survivors.

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Reducing Risk in Remote Learning Environments

Listen to a podcast that Learning Courage Founder, Jamie Forbes, did with United Educators' Senior Risk Management Counsel, Melanie Bennett, about how to reduce risk in remote learning environments. While this was recorded in the context of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the content remains relevant for any remote education setting.

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Letter from Our Founder

As a survivor of sexual abuse when I was 13 years old, I know the impact it has on a person’s life. And I am committed to keeping kids safe in schools so they can focus on learning and are set up to thrive in life.    I created Learning Courage because, after consulting with schools […]

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‘I Was Devastated': Sex Abuse Victim After Judge Drops Case

Sexual abuse charges against Reynold Buono, a former Milton Academy teacher, were dropped in December after a judge ruled the statute of limitations had expired. By Ally Donnelly and Douglas Moser • Published January 25, 2019 • Updated on January 26, 2019 at 7:41 am

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