How Findings From the Book Sexual Citizens Translate to K-12

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In this episode, United Educators' (UE’s) Melanie Bennett interviews Dr. Shamus Khan, co-author of the book Sexual Citizens, and Jamie Forbes, CEO of Learning Courage.

How Findings From the Book Sexual Citizens Translate to K-12 | United Educators (

Melanie Bennett, Esq.

ARM-E, Senior Risk Management Counsel

In her role on UE’s Risk Research team, Melanie dives into timely topics affecting education. Her areas of expertise include pandemic response, protecting minors, enterprise risk management (ERM), and technology accessibility. Prior to joining UE, she interned at the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

Dr. Shamus Khan

Professor of Sociology & American Studies, Princeton University

Shamus Rahman Khan is an American sociologist. He is a professor of sociology and American Studies at Princeton University. Formerly he served as chair of the sociology department at Columbia University. He writes on elites, inequality, gender/sexuality, and American culture. His work has appeared in numerous national and international media outlets.

Jamie Forbes

CEO, Learning Courage

Jamie is the founder and leader of Learning Courage. His experience includes nearly two decades in the private sector in both finance and marketing roles, where he honed his business acumen, strategic thinking and creative approach. Jamie has also consulted with, helped start, and been involved in board leadership of other nonprofit organizations.


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