Letter from Our Founder

As a survivor of sexual abuse when I was 13 years old, I know the impact it has on a person’s life. And I am committed to keeping kids safe in schools so they can focus on learning and are set up to thrive in life.   

I created Learning Courage because, after consulting with schools on this issue, I observed that there are many barriers that often prevent schools from sharing what they learn after responding to incidents.  There are privacy and reputational risks that get in the way, along with a host of other issues.  Without access to best practices, each school is left to address each incident on their own, which often deepens the trauma for the victims and the broader community. 

However, when the survivor is at the center of the process, they receive better care, and the response generally requires fewer resources and time.  The mission of Learning Courage is to collect and share best practices in reducing and responding to sexual abuse and misconduct in schools.  

Thanks to committed people like you, we are making terrific progress, But we still have a long way to go, both in funds to support our efforts and in work we need to do, and I hope you are able to help us get closer by making a gift to Learning Courage. Click here to make a gift.

If you’re unable to make a gift at this time or would like to do more, there are other valuable ways to help us build momentum and expand the movement: 

  • Introduce us to generous donors like you who care about this issue
  • Help connect us to Heads of School or Board Members across the country

Thank you for your help!                                                     

Jamie Forbes, CEO and Survivor


Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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